Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My hamster has really overgrown toenails?

I have had many hamsters in the past (syrians) and none of them have ever had overgrown toenails, but my current albino syrian hamster has really overgrown, curling toenails. He has wood blocks and a sand block but they aren't helping. My mum won't let me take him to the vet because it costs too much, and she says ';he is just a hamster!'; which is kinda mean! He is friendly, but I don't think he would let me cut them! What should I do?My hamster has really overgrown toenails?
Try to clip them yourself go to your local pet store and buy hamster clippers and hold your hamster with your pointer finger and middle finger around its neck but dont strangle it and cup your other fingers around its body and you can have your mom hold its paw very genlty! while you cut its nails but do not cut them too short you will hurt him just enough so they are not curling. And i do not think it will cost that much to take it to the vet probably around 19 to 30 dollars. I hope this works out and remeber be gentle, KateMy hamster has really overgrown toenails?
Just buy some nail cutters for animals, all good pet shops sell them and you are bound to find some in Pets At Home, then you can cut them yourself!

To do this, hold the hamster yourself or get someone else to hold it then gently squeeze the paw so the toes seperate out, then carefully cut the nail. But DO NOT cut it where the nail begins to get red near the foot, if you cut here the nail will bleed and it will be painful for the hamster.
get someone you trust to hold him and remember not to cut the quick this is a nerve that runs in the base of the nail also only cut a little at a time and when you do this NEVER get too close to the quick are as this is painful for your little guy and regularly check his nails after it's done once a week give em a file with what we use to do our nails but use the disposable ones they are usually made out of cardboard i've attached a link that will help With your problem and in the long run it saves you money on going to the vet but if the nail has penetrated the foot soak it in salt water to sterilise it and see a vet before it becomes infected. happy clipping
it is a regular chore to clip ur hamsters nails every time they grow a little long. i have a siberian dwarf hamster and i dont have too clip his nails because my beighbor is an expert on hamsters so she just clips them with these tiny little clippers. really u should just try too file them or you could just call a local vet and she should explain how too do it through the phone.hamsters get all woozy and floppy when theyre upside down so its really easy
you can buy proper cutters from good pet stores:鈥?/a>

just cut to before the pink as this is the qik it is a small vein that runs through the nail and if cut into can cause pain and will bleed, if its bleeds apply pressure and once stopped bleeding clean with some water and put back in its cage. i hope i helped, answer mine please:鈥?/a>

hope i helped
Sometimes pets can get diseases because they're nails have an infection, you should look into taking him to the vet. Or, if his toenails are white and pink, buy special clippers to cut of the white parts. don't cut off the pink! it can cause pain and/or shock!

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